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School Project | Extracurricular Activities | Martin Luther | Protestant Reformation

School Project about Luther and Monastic Life – Extracurricular Activities at St. Augustine’s Monastery

Children and adolescents are an important part of our church. Since the 13th century Augustinian monks felt obliged to the basic idea of dedicating their life to education and science. For this reason St. Augustine’s Monastery is still an authentic place for education. We also bear responsibility to establish courses of education for children and adolescents that are rare in its form.


  • Library of the Protestant Ministry
  • Monastery
  • Monk Martin Luther
  • Augustine’s Monastery, Chapter Room and Cloister
  • Dormitory and Refectory
  • Georgenburse Erfurt

Please note: Unfortunately we’re not able to hold any of our events in English. We apologize for the inconvenience.

You are interested in our school projects? Then contact us here:

Herr Axel Große
Telefon: 0361/57660-94

Herr Dr. Michael Ludscheidt
Telefon: 0361/57660-22