Hostel at a historic site

This encounters and conference centre builds on its monastic tradition to intentionally produce a simple life style. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere in our plain and light rooms, which have neither TV, nor radio, nor telephone offers a space to relax after a busy day.

There are 51 rooms with shower and WC facilities for our guests.

Any guest from near or far, who would like to spend a night in a monastery is always welcome!

Our rooms

St Augustine's Monastery

  • 24 double rooms
  • 26  single rooms
  •   1  room suitable for less able-bodied people

Woadhouse - House of Contemplation

  •   2 double rooms
  • 14 single rooms
  •   1 room suitable for wheel chair users

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[Translate to English:] Die Zimmerpreise verstehen sich inklusive Frühstück (5,50 Euro) pro Person.
Mittag- und Abendessen sind auf Anfrage möglich. Alle Preise sind inklusive gesetzlicher MwSt.

Seit dem 01.01.2011, Neufassung 28.11.2012, erhebt die Landeshauptstadt Erfurt eine Kulturförderabgabe für privatreisende Gäste in Höhe von 5% des Zimmerpreises. Diese Abgabe ist NICHT in den o.g. Zimmerpreisen enthalten.

Price list

Price per person

Single room (shower & WC)52,00 €
Double room (shower & WC)42,00 €
Midday meal, warm 9,50 €
Evening meal, cold 8,00 €
The room prices include breakfast per person. Midday and evening meals can be booked in advance. All prices include V.A.T.

Booking Enquiries

Do you wish to book one or more rooms?
You can make a booking enquiry here.