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Reception and a short service in St Elisabeth's Chapel

Pilgrimage relay for the Holy Year 2010

European pilgrimage route runs through Erfurt

When the feast day of the Apostle Jacob the Elder falls on a Sunday then this is a special year in Santiago de Compostela, it is known as a Holy Year.In celebration of the Holy Year 2010, the French Pilgrimage Association issued an invitation to an international relay pilgrimage. The pilgrims cover over 5,000 km in 222 daily stages on seven routes through Germany. After each stage of between 15 to 25 km a pilgrimage baton and a golden book is passed on. The golden book is to document the course of the pilgrimage and to record the wishes, worries and requests of the pilgrims. The baton was also carried through Erfurt. It had started as early as February 2010 in Poland. On 21st May 2010 at 6 pm, pilgrims from  Stedten arrived at St Augustine's monastery in Erfurt with the baton and the golden book. They also spent the night at the monastery. The curator Lothar Schmelz, supporters of pilgrims from the Ecumenical Pilgrimage Group and other interested people received the pilgrims in St Elisabeth's Chapel. The Liturgical Choral Group from Jena accompanied the short service and performed Gregorian chants. The page-for-the-day for the golden book was handed over to the small group of pilgrims. On the next day there was a farewell service in St Augustine's Church which included a blessing by Sister Martina of the Casteller Ring Community  Casteller Ring.