Friends of St Augustine's Evangelical Monastery in Erfurt

The Friends of St Augustine's Evangelical Monastery in Erfurt (Der Freundeskreis des Evangelischen Augustinerklosters zu Erfurt e.V.) was founded as a charitable society on 19th July 2006. The purpose of the organization is to maintain and conserve the cultural heritage known as St Augustine's Evangelical Monastery in Erfurt.

In particular it aims to support the restoration, repair, preservation and care of St Augustine's.

The members of the management and advisory committees are also involved with and support the work of the supervisory board and of the curator.
For instance the Friends are engaged in the running of cultural highlights, benefit concerts and other important events. These activities are intended to motivate a broad spectrum of the population to join in the work of the society and to participate in fulfilling its aims.

The society has charitable status and as such its donation receipts are recognised by the tax authorities.

Management committee:

  • Matthias Gehler (chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Kai Brodersen (vice chairman)
  • Dr. Michael Ludscheidt (secretary)
  • Lothar Schmelz  (treasurer)
  • Antje Tillmann
  • Dieter Bauhaus
  • Kjell Eberhardt
  • Heinrich Schleiff 

Members of our society can be natural and legal entities.
The annual subscription is 60,00 € for individuals and 100,00 € for legal entities.
If you would like to send the organization a contribution, you will automatically receive a donation receipt.

You can download the constitution and application form in pdf format.

We will inform you about the work of the association at regular intervals on our home page. If you have any questions we will always be pleased to answer them.

Please support the work of St. Augustine's Evangelical Monastery in Erfurt with your membership of our circle of friends.


BankSparkasse Mittelthüringen
Account 600 101 193
Bank code  820 510 00